Current workshops

All current workshops are in my shop. If you don't see anything available in my shop I don't currently have any for sale, but I'm always working on something so please be sure to join my email list above for updates about my work including workshops and classes.

In my art studio in Fremantle WA


This little art studio has been a dream of mine for many years. I have kept the idea of it safe with me in my heart and mind across continents from Toronto, Canada to my current home here in Fremantle, Western Australia. This is where I bring all my creative and teaching skills to life.

My studio is my peaceful haven of inspiration and creation. I want your experience in my studio to be as nourishing and inspiring for you as it is for me. As such, it's important to me that my class size is quaint (no more than 8 people). This way I can better assist each of you with more ease, and give you enough space to feel at ease. 

Art projects & skills for all ages

Here are just a few examples of art classes I've taught in the past and a few I am planning right now:

  • Acrylic painting

  • Mixed media

  • Oil pastel

  • Portraiture

  • Graffiti stencils

  • Lino cut printing

  • Skateboard design