Artist, teacher & mama

Art is where my soul comes home to rest 


Strength in vulnerablility

I've been exploring the relationship between vulnerability and strength, and self-acceptance through figurative work and portraiture. I am working with a mix of acrylic and oil painting, drawing and mixed media incorporating embroidery and stitching.


A shift

I have been faced with a shift in my own identity while navigating new territory as a woman with child, changes to my body and exploring a sea of emotions and this comes through in my work.



I use memories of my travels to help me process what I'm feeling. Travel has always been an educational and empowering experience for me as a woman.

You might see snippets of spiritual or cultural imagery used as a point of inquiry, transitional symbol or simply adornment along with nourishing tropical plants, uplifting birds, and powerful women. I express my thoughts with rich color, raw presence and at times visceral energy.

The resulting work is often bold, figurative and can include portraiture. My work is designed to invoke pride and empower. 

Art classes & workshops to express yourself, learn & play 

Join me in my studio to set your creative spirit free. I run classes targeted to different ages designed to help you learn skills while having fun. Past classes included oil & acrylic paint, mixed media, figure drawing, print making, graffiti stencils, mural making and much much more. 


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