Artist, teacher, yogi, traveler & mama

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and spent many years travelling on and off through South East Asia where I fell in love with the cultures...It was here I was first introduced to yoga. I began practising it weekly when I returned to Canada. Yoga started weaving its way into the fibre of my life and organically became a part of me and my art.

I immersed myself in it, in order to learn as much as possible. I completed my yoga teachers training in Bali, Indonesia in 2010, and this fundamentally changed the person I was. Something in me shifted and opened, along with it my art. Soon my travels brought me to Australia, where I now live happily near the Indian Ocean, with my daughter. 


I use memories of my travels to help me process what I'm feeling. Travel has always been an educational and empowering experience for me as a woman. You might see snippets of spiritual or cultural imagery used as a point of inquiry, transitional symbol or simply adornment along with lush tropical plants, uplifting birds, and powerful women.

I express my thoughts with rich color, raw presence and at times visceral energy while working with a mix of acrylic and oil painting, drawing, mixed media.  

The resulting work is often powerful and bold with a quiet presence. 

Bachelor of fine arts

Before moving to Australia, I studied art at York University in Toronto, and obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree.  I've always felt there is something therapeutic and cathartic about art and creating, it is a gift, and this is why I want to share and nurture this in others. I teach art because it equips others with tools and techniques to help process the world and their feelings, and it can then, communicate an often shared experience in a universal language that anyone can understand and feel. 

Studied education in Perth

Since completing my Post Graduate Degree in Education here in Perth, WA in 2015 I have been teaching art at the primary and secondary level. 

Now I also teach at Painted Sparrow Studio, where I teach my own classes and workshops for up to 8 students at a time.

Art is my heart

Art has always been a big part of me for as long as I can remember I have been creating. Spending countless hours drawing and painting out of necessity to explore the world and express myself in visual ways.